WP Coordinator: IDEA ROM


Start Date: 01/11/2013


End Date: 30/8/2014




the Roma women to implement what they have learnt in the framework of the WP3 for the preparation of their children in order to go to school and therefore to offer better preparation of their children




- Preparation of 20 Roma children per country


- Spaces: Flexible according to the needs of each partner (inside a Roma settlement, spaces provided by local authorities, communal spaces or partner-owned spaces). They have to be near Roma settlements


- First cycle (coincides with the school year): Monitor the performance of the Roma children in the school context


- Second cycle: Preparation of the children for the beginning of the school year




- Preparation of a framework for the monitoring of the training (training is indeed taking place, effective, concrete measurable impact on the children)


- Framework of monitoring of the childrens’ improvement


- Schedule of monitoring visits (regular): provide help, support and monitor the training


- At the beginning Roma women will participate together with the trainer


- Monitoring reports every 2 months on the progress


- Comprehensive monitoring report


- Revision of the Methodology



lifelong learning

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