The final conference took place in Valencia in October 2014, which was a joint conference of both the SEDRIN and TERNO projects. 120 participants attended included those at policy and decision making levels. Participants included various political authorities from the Valencian regional and local government, the Project Manager from the European Commission, Tamara Proca, General Director of Innovation and Quality of Education from the Department for Education, Juan Pablo Valero García, and the General Director of European projects and funds, Juan Viesca.

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The Department of Education Sciences of the European University Cyprus organised an international interdisciplinary conference which aimed to bring together researchers from a variety of fields (such as intercultural education, inclusion, sociolinguistics, linguistic ethnography/anthropology, peace education, educational policy, etc.) who shared a concern for social justice and a vision to break the silence and eliminate discrimination in our schools.The International Conference was entitled "Breaking Classroom Silences: addressing sensitive issues in education" and it was held at the premises of the European University Cyprus on Friday 11th of October until Saturday 12th of October, 2013. The conference was attended by approximately 100 people from Cyprus, Greece, Israel, UK, Sweden, Finland, Austria, and the Netherlands.

Thanks to the initiative of our partner IDEA ROM, the projects Sedrin and Terno have obtained the patronage of theItalian Minister for Integration Cècile Kashetu Kyenge . Below you can reed the full letter.

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This report, produced by the Romanian partner of the SEDRIN project RWAR describes the situation of the Roma women in Romania. It is dealing with the issues of Early Marriages, Domestic Violence, Education, Work and Occupations, Health, Living Conditions, Values and Trends and Intervertionism". Click here to read it

Număr de eliberare 69 de știri europene de Oficiul European de Cipru este o publicație cu privire la proiectul Sedrin, editata  în limba engleză și greacă . Aruncati o privire ...

The issue number 75 of the European News from the European Office of Cyprus made it a publication about the Sedrin project, both in the English and Greek edition. Take a look...

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